11 Secrets to Making Money With Internet Marketing

Is becoming a millionaire luck? Or is there a template for getting rich? That’s the question Tai answers in this video. While getting rich does require a little luck, there are several things you can do to make a fortunate online.
The first is knowing your VRIN score. VRIN stands for Value, Rare, Inimitability, and Non-substitution.
The second is having a high wealth index. This means you’re not spending more than you earn. It doesn’t matter if you make $50,000 or $500,000 a year, keeping the money you earn is what wealthy people do.
Third is stacking. You want to stack multiple trends — not just one. For example, Snapchat wasn’t just a social media app; it combined photos, messaging, and urgency with disappearing stories.
Fourth is being a Buddhist. Not in the religions sense, but more like do something that’s different, but still understandable for most people.
These secrets to making money are universal. You can use them anywhere.
Right now, the best way to use these rules to make money is by starting a social media marketing agency.
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Eleven secrets that millionaires know that everybody else in the world is clueless on. Let me reveal what those are for you. You know, I love books, good book, really good book, good book. All these books about, you know, how to make more money, financial freedom, wealth and all that. And one of the most common questions I get is like Tai, what is it? If you had a list like here, like I would put down 11 Secrets, what would they be? And I’ve thought through those long and hard. First time you make a million, it causes you to reflect. And you’ll go, what the heck happened? Was it luck?

You know, I was just reading a book, this book on the founding of Twitter. Was it luck? Is it some people have more access and know the right people? And there’s some truth to all of that, but for you and I, if you want to create true wealth, I think there are definite secrets that most people don’t know. And it’s not secrets in like a conspiracy theory, illuminati kind of ways. It’s just not stuff, think about back at your school, what you learned. You never learn the stuff that you really need to know. So let me try to lay out a few of them. I don’t know if I can write all eleven on the board here. I want to make a short video.

One. VRIN. That’s a term, VRIN. Your VRIN score. This is a huge predictor of your wealth. I mean, without a doubt, these are things, now I dropped out of college, but if you go to Harvard, if you get an MBA, you’ll learn about this. Now most people, though, in the world, maybe you’re like me. I was broke, sleeping on a couch, or you come from not a very nice place, you were born in, what do they call it? The lower class. I was born to a single mom, wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. And this VRIN score is something that I didn’t learn for, until I was in my 20’s. But once I knew it, it made all the difference in the world. And so you got to know your VRIN score, which is basically Value, Rare, Inimitability, and Non-substitution. Now I don’t know if I’m going to explain all those, but I wanted to just give you the high level one, and then I’ll show you how you can learn all of them if you want to know.

Number two. There’s a wealth index. A guy did a very famous study and wrote a book called “The Millionaire Next Door” where he studied self-made millionaires across the United States. And his conclusion, one of his conclusions, was that you can look at people’s wealth index. So you basically take your age, alright? It’s a factor of your age, your net worth, meaning how much money you have in your bank account and all the things you own minus your debts, and it needs to be at a certain level of the ratio. OK? So it’s not an absolute number. So you can have a high wealth index even if you only have, make two thousand bucks a month, even if you only have five hundred bucks in a bank account. Wealth index is an index of how well you accumulate. And for example, he talks about in that book that doctors, who traditionally, I think the average doctor in America makes like $115,000 a year. So high income, OK, doctors, but doctors are notorious for having a low wealth index score for various reasons. One of them is when you’re a doctor, you got to kind of look like you’re a doctor, so they have a lot of expenses. So they have, their wealth index measures them, the average doctor, to have below average accumulation habits. So you’ve got to accumulate. It’s not how much you make, it’s how much you keep.

I got a friend who makes, who made $120 million last year. And he has a very high wealth index. He kept like $90 million. This is a young guy, like in his 30’s, who also is self-made. Didn’t inherit the money, didn’t have a trust fund, any of that stuff. So your wealth index. That’s eleven secrets millionaires know. Some millionaires don’t know it, but the good ones do.

Number three. I can go in a lot of different directions with this one, but stacking. The ability to stack trends. So I call this trend stacking or stacking the trends. So most people, you know, they go Tai, I’m going to do big things. Whether they’re musicians, entrepreneurs, movie, film makes, actors here in Hollywood. Like whatever the thing is, they’re like I got a good idea, and there’s a trend, and look, this is how I’m going to make a million dollars, how I’m going to make a billion dollars. But it’s not as simple as just taking one idea, because one simple trend, let’s say you catch a trend like social networks. That’s been a trend in the last five or ten years, right? Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook. Now you got new ones like Meerkat and you got Periscope and all these new, constantly evolving social networks. So for you to just have an idea of a social network, it’s only one trend. And you must stack multiple trends. So there’s a way to do this. I’ll show you how you can do this a little bit later, I’m not going to do this in this video, but it’s powerful, man.

And you look at somebody. I’ll give you an example, Snapchat. So Snapchat is not just one trend. Evan Spiegel, who is the youngest billionaire in history, OK, the youngest self-made, he made it before he was 23, he did not just go I’m going to make a social media app. Like social media apps, that’s not trend stacking. He tracked multiple trends. So he took like four. So one trend was obviously social networking. Another one was apps. The third one was selfies. See, that’s a trend. People forgot that selfies, you see selfies made fun of a lot, Kim Kardashian did a selfie book. I actually have it here somewhere. Selfie book. And people laugh at that, but I learned from my mentors, and by the way, that’s where I learned these secrets, I wasn’t born knowing these. My mentors are like no, don’t laugh at these things. You might not agree with everything, but pay attention. So you pay attention, and Evan Spiegel, who’s the founder of Snapchat, he paid attention to selfies. Then the fourth trend that he stacked was privacy. See, you don’t want to post all your pictures. See, Instagram was a three trend stack, but Snapchat took those three trends of selfie, social networking, apps, and added a fourth one, which was privacy. You could post a picture on Snapchat and boom, ten seconds later it disappeared. And that created tremendous wealth.

This one secret alone is not a secret of a millionaire. That’s a secret of billionaires. We can go to another level if we want to in this talk, but I figured I’d start with millionaires because that feels overwhelming. And even if you don’t want to be a millionaire, you still want to learn the principles of millionaires, even if you only want to be financially free and you know, make 75 grand a year and just live, have all your bills taken care of and not have that stress. Whatever your number is.

Now the fourth one is what I call nudist Buddhist. OK? I learned this one from Allan Nation. Excuse my horrible handwriting. That’s supposed to say nudist Buddhist. And Allan Nation, one of my mentors, he said Tai, you can’t be too ahead of your time. You can’t be perceived as too weird. He said look, if you have a friend and you pop in and say hey may, I’ve decided I’m a nudist. Your friend will be like, you know what? That’s a little weird, but you’re my friend, I’m going to give you that. And he said you can tell your other friends that you’re a Buddhist. And they’ll be like, ah, you know, I don’t know much about Buddhism, a little weird, but I’ll still be your friend. But he said you can’t be a nudist Buddhist, it’s too weird. And so a lot of people, many people have tried to do a big thing, a new idea, a new business, new patent, a new invention, and they’re ahead of their time or they present it in too weird of a way.

You know, the story of Groupon, which is another amazing story of people going rags to riches, the founders, I think it was three or four of them that started Groupon. They said that people had tried it before then, but it was perceived as too weird. And so Groupon had like these coupons, you get 90 percent off, whatever, haircuts and massages and all this stuff. Well, Groupon took it and packaged it up in such a way that a quote-unquote weird idea, virtual couponing, because very mainstream. So they didn’t violate the nudist Buddhist rule.

So these are four. There’s eleven, and each of these I could talk about for a long time. I don’t want to bore you with everything right now. But I will tell you, if you’re watching this, I’m going to do, I get asked about these and the other seven so much that I decided I was going to just dedicate a talk.

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It’s a completely free talk, don’t worry, there’s no cost to it. And I’m going to explain each of these more in depth and the other seven. OK? Because I want to keep this video short. How long has this one been? Five minutes or something, or ten minutes? So I want to keep this one short, in this modern world people have ADD and maybe you’re watching this when you’re busy and you’ve got other things to do.

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Whether or not you want to be a millionaire, it’s for entrepreneurs, it’s for people who are like I was, you’re completely in the gutter, you could be you’ve got no, you’re in debt from college debt or credit card debt. I heard the average American’s like $240,000 in debt if you count mortgages. So there’s debt out there. These secrets work and I’m telling you, and these aren’t random secrets. You see these secrets being used by the smartest people in the world over and over. It’s just that this is the kind of stuff millionaires teach their kids, but if you’re like me and you weren’t the son or daughter of a millionaire, you didn’t have anyone to teach you this. So I went out, I’ve traveled, I’ve been to about fifty-plus countries trying to find mentors. I found five of them, and they’re the ones who taught me all this stuff.

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And I’m telling you, these two right here, number one and number three, are so powerful I could literally just stop there. But the other ones are important, too. And when you blend them all together, they call that synergy and exponential effect. Like one of these you understand, it’ll have a good effect on your bottom line, your bank account. Two of them together, one plus one is more than two. That’s what synergy is, you know. These two together will not just double your understanding, they might triple it. And when you add eleven together, it’s mind blowing.

And so, this book right here, “The Self-Made Billionaire Effect,” it’s one of the most exhaustive and well done scientific studies of self-made billionaires, and it’s interesting. Their final conclusion in the book, I don’t want to spoil the book if you haven’t read it, it’s not my book, by the way, but is that they’ve isolated for luck, for access to resources, to being born in a better place, to being healthier, to what country you’re born in, and their conclusion is that it’s habits of the mind that made these people billionaires. Just like Arnold Schwarzenegger had like habits for his body to become one of the top bodybuilders in the world, there’s habits of the mind, and that’s as simple as what you know. Like Warren Buffett says and I always quote, the more you learn the more you earn.

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